Who’s who

First, there’s Molly. My fellow traveller and ranter. She isn’t mentioned all that much, but she’s the encouragement for a great deal of this. She has a wit that still has all its edges intact. She fights clean, but tenaciously. I could be a lot like her but I am too conciliatory.

Then Carl. He really does need to get out more. Actually, I think he’s been out too much. In the armed forces. Which makes him so knowledgable of all things that matter most in the world. He argues with me and I can’t help myself. I respond and shouldn’t. But he’s very annoying and gets under my skin. Like a wasp in a pair of pyjamas.

Edd. Ah, Edd. Banned from the Forum, and it’s such a shame because he does make me laugh. Sadly I didn’t make him, laugh. He called me a racist bigot and got himself banned. Maybe you’ll come back, Edd.