the small print

It’s quite simple, I hope.

Like all of us I have ideas, opinions, concerns, hopes, likes, dislikes and so on. These blogs are me sharing them with whoever wanders by the backwater of the web that I inhabit.

Some posts are long, some very short. Many interminable, you may well conclude.

I am not asking anyone to agree with me, but I hope that whatever your thoughts and opinions, you can appreciate that mine are valid in a debate, and are born of thoughtfulness rather than jerking knees.

I have one overarching hope, that humans can find the image of God in each other, in all of us. And I know that such a hope sounds incredibly sentimental and syrupy. Please don’t give up at this point, however. My hope is born of experience and my experience is in being part of a wonderful creation.

Having set out my stall, I don’t want you to think I am all smiley and patronising. My views are not for everyone, and you may be among those who find me over idealistic and condescending. If so, tell me so. I ask just one thing if you do: please reason your disagreement and don’t just disagree. My mind can be changed. My ideas are fluid. I am not a fixed child of the enlightenment but one who searches for truth. If you have something to say that adds to or redirects my own interpretation of the truth, let me know.

But please be kind: kindness is a core requirement of the good society.