What is this all about?

“If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves, take up the cross daily, and follow me” (Lk 9:23),

There is no doubt: life is full of ambiguity.

The many layered, multi-level, ultra-dimensional notion we call life is unpindownable. And so we spend our days trying to do just that. These blogs will not help one bit. They will most likely confuse and frustrate in their attempts to clarify. They will throw up more than they put down. They will lead you into a maze and leave you asking more questions. One of which will be, “why bother writing all this?”

It begins with a single phrase: the cost of living.

These blogs take the phrase in all its depth and breadth and ask you, me, what does living cost? How do we justify our expensiveness and what are the layers of meaning we find when we lift our own local stones? And, if there is a cost of living, what do we spend it on?

I start from a Christian experience but that is not the end of it. I’m not sure it is even the start. I hold in my heart and in my mind a notion of process theology. We are co-creators with God, the breath that we try to speak: YHWH.

I seek to understand the nature of God in our lives and the effects of God on our own behaviour. At one level this is about discipleship. But there are many levels in who we are and how we live. I try to touch on the world, the cosmos, the home, the church. I want to avoid nothing, and yet encounter only one: the cause and effect of all there is.

Join in.