Nasty little man

Carl, you pick all the fights you like, old chum. I’ll continue to rail against POTUS for things such as his arrogance and narcissism, his criticism of people such as John McCain and a variety of disabled people whom he mocked appallingly (cruel example, no. 1). He suggested that McCain wasn’t a hero because he got imprisoned in Vietnam. Nice guy, eh?

He changes his story when it fits him, he claims to be the greatest ever deal maker, and yet has never really done anything without the money from his father.
He cheats at golf (minor, but illuminating).

He ridiculed and belittles people who are unable to answer back.
He has no understanding of international politics and yet wades in making stupid and dangerous decisions.

He colludes with crooks.

He refuses to reveal his tax audit (only POTUS ever).

He is dumb as a waiter when it comes to all kinds of science yet pretends he knows it all.

He is a climate change denier because it benefits this crooks (sorry, capitalists) who don’t like being restricted in their rape of the planet.
He labels Mexicans as rapists and refuses to criticise far right terrorists for their murderous actions.

I could go on, Carl, but I’m fed up with having to respond to your inane warblings about who I am permitted to criticise simply because they don’t match yours.

Refute anyone of my accusations about POTUS by all means. But I can’t really be bothered.