Save us from this man

I doubt very much that POTUS is aware in any detail of these (corrupted) Biblical attitudes towards the nation of Israel, and he is only doing what people suggest. After all, it’s about international prowess, and for all his isolationism, Trump loves to be seen to be a bully abroad.

Even so, his actions and the encouragement of the conservative right are so unsettling. He’s not the first POTUS to be ‘accused’ of this kind of warmongering, but he is the only one I’ve ever experienced who doesn’t seem to have any inhibitions about pushing himself as the most important person alive. This mention of Esther and so on just fans his ego. And we do not need that.

These guys are as much about religiously inspired terrorism as any IS group. And just like IS their motivation is nothing to do with God, but all to do with wielding oppressive power.

Christians Celebrate Trump’s Golan Heights Statement Because Jesus