What has happened?

The day draws to a close. A day of depressing thoughts and a day trying to listen to the news, but having to switch it off at regular intervals through anger, sadness and frustration.

A day when I’ve heard too many times that people who vote to leave seem to have done som because they believed the vitriol fo UKIP and other Leavers, rather than think for themselves. I haven’t heard a single cogent remark from a Brexiter that wasn’t based on a mistrust of others.

Perhaps the Remainians presented a weak and rather unhelpful campaign, but, putting them to one side, there have been many other informal supportive statements about remaining that have been drawn from a sense of moral strength and a desire for unity. The Brexit attitude has been empty of such thoughts.

The future will be shaped by such thinking unless we can all gather together to present a case for trust and positivity.

I hope and pray that after the dust settles, there can be positive portrayal of all people, and that we can continue to welcome those who desire to share our lovely country with us.