Time will tell

I hope I am not being petulant about the referendum result. It’s not my intention. I am simply grieving. It is a painful time because it is something I deeply, very deeply hold to be true, that the wrong decision has been taken. The rejection of a means for bringing about unity in society saddens me. For sure it isn’t a perfect means, but it’s better than what we now face.

Add to this that the decision has been taken by some, I feel, on the basis of some very dubious values and attitudes that include xenophobia and my grief is compounded. I grieve for the loss of humanist values and the obsession with indivualism that has come to the surface. I know that many millions of people have taken this decision, and I of course I entirely accept that the decision has been made, but I grieve for the outcome just as I grieve for the way the process was conducted.

Grief lives with us. It doesn’t disappear but it does transform, with time. And with time, I will find ways to respond differently. But currently, the time is for sharing that grief.