Do this for me

Matthew 25

On he goes: more last minute cramming. This is how it will be. This is what will happen. Such dense and powerful, beautiful, unavoidable and challenging messages. As we come to the conclusion of the sermons, we’re back where we began, with the Kingdom. The Kingdom that has been with us at all times: since the creation of the world (mat 25:34). It’s been here all along. All we need to is have faith and it will be ours. And how do we know that? We don’t actually, but because of what we believe, we need to live the Christ like life.

I remember hearing Matthew 25 in the Colston Hall, sometime during a COGB assembly probably 1992. Fr Michael Healy recited, without notes, as a part of the agenda. powerful stuff in a context of social action. And I remember being blown away by it. Again: I’d sort of known bits of it. But even since then, I hadn’t quite put it into the narrative context. This is the final point Jesus is trying to get across: that in the final end, we are responsible for our actions. We are free to act. We need to act by loving God. We need to know God’s grace and then act accordingly. The hints are there. We can change our own future through our own faith. But we need to be ready. Ready, Ready, Ready. Are you Ready?!

This whole chapter is like a concluding remark to the Beatitudes. One needs to be read in conjunction with the other. I can’t understand one without the other.