It’s not Trump. It’s everyone else

071912bigotry-460x305He’s a thoroughly uncivil, arrogant and intellectually moribund bully boy, and I so worry for the planet with him having such a role in its leadership. But Trump is here and I can’t expect democracy to change that any time soon.

He scares me with his outbursts, his self-belief (way beyond ‘normal’ narcissism?), and his denigration of anything or anyone he doesn’t understand (which is most things, as far as I can gather). He treats people as nothing more than his pawns, and all the more worryingly, thinks he is smarter than everyone.

He claims to be a different kind of poltician, and on that count, perhaps I have to give way. But only because he isn’t really a poltician at all. He is an oaf in the Oval Office, a toddler with unbelievably cool toys (like guns and bombs and planes and prisons).

He claims to be a business man, the biggest and best deal maker there has ever been. And yet he loses money hand over fist, He doesn’t understand people, and he glorifies himself beyond even socially acceptable levels of arrogance.

But, he’s not who I fear most. He is simply the most obvious one. He is the one who gets all the media attention. He it is who stands as the freak show that all mainstream and liberal journalists want to hold up as the most unsettling aspect of the contemporary world. I fear more the ones who cannot see beyond him. These aren’t the business men and women, politicians and hangers on who surround him with fixed grins hoping to bask in his reflected awfulness. Even they are merely contemptible. They are used to being around the sycophancy that comes with wealth.

The ones I fear are the blind ones, who are led by their own fear and their ignorance, who have been sold a pup by the current regime. The ones whose fear is born of hatred, and whose hatred is born of fear: of the unknown and the danger of lost livelihoods. They follow Trump in their desperate hope that lives can be better under this madman. They support his aggressiveness because it gives vent to their own resentment and powerlessness. They are in their millions and they are not just citizens of the USA. They can be found in all nations. They are usually hidden way, the bullies in their own neighbourhoods, unashamed but for the most part small-fry, and powerless. Trump has unleashed their arrogant assertive idiocy. They are unable to formulate socially just responses to rampant social injustice, and simply rant about the need to oppose big government. They aren’t really sure what that is, but if a striving self-promoting alpha says its a good thing, then, its a good thing. We’ve been pushed around by The Man for too long, they claim, utterly unaware that The man is still pushing them around. This time, however, he’s doing it because he feels pumped by it. The Man is always there, but now he’s been let lose and the very ones who should fear him laud him.