O, Jeremy Corbyn

It is so very upsetting that this is happening. I have to agree that Corbyn is being very short-sighted in doing so little to remove the anti-semitic rump from the labour movement. But, sadly, I also have to admit that it seems the rump is actually pretty influential, as well.

On reading this article, however, I am suddenly struck at how placid Corbyn is when faced with conflict. He doesn’t ignore it but neither does he leap in and try to sort i out. This description below begins with a ‘well, you’d have expected him to behave like this…’ kind of attitude, when in fact that is the issue. He doesn’t behave like people expect him to. Instead, he pauses, is reflective, doesn’t washing into action to criticise. But seeks a way between. This isn’t third way bullshit. It is a way of thinking that values everyone. He doesn’t dismiss out of hand, it uses wisdo to challenge the received attitudes and opinions.

The issue of anti-semitism is being stirred up and warmed through by the media. It is all to easy to accuse them of doing it out of spite, or a deep desire to unseat the leader of the LP, but that is banal and treacherous. The media are certainly superficial, but even they do not stop to the depths of that kind of manipulation. Their attitudes to people such as Corbyn, who, frankly, confuse the heck out of them, is to keep picking at a wound they see until it either heals (malformed) or goes septic and destroys its owner. With Corbyn, the anti-semitism is all they really have. He is squeaky clean. He is left-wing and therefore not to be trusted of course (duh!), but he is nice about it. Gentle and unassuming. He is not a tyrant like Blair, nor a walking PR disaster like Brown. He is not an overblown windbag like Campbell, nor a conniving creep like Mandleson. He is simply a good bloke, and as such he wants to stand u for all people. Trouble is, ‘all people’ includes people who don’t like each other.