May she know

May’s problem lies beyond the cabinet in what we used to call Fleet Street. If the ‘only just made it over the line’ will of the people hadn’t been bigged up into a landslide (as though it was a general election victory) by the media, there might have been a bit of a chance to sanely point out that a 4% (ie 2%) difference was not a vast mandate. Then we could have looked clearly at what the ‘only just made it’ message really said.

For sure, a 52% share of the vote by a political party would truly have been a landslide, but the innumerate journalists had no sense. They screamed ‘will of the people’ and the people joined in, clueless at what they were saying. And the leavers just fed the fire with shallow rhetoric.

It’s not the politicians who need a good looking at. They have a desire and as politicians they keep fighting for it. It’s the journalist who have let us down.