Category: The Dreadfulness

The world had already begun to crumble, but in August 2017 the eruption demolished half the mountain I was scrambling on, and I’ve been in the volcanic dust ever since.

I’m not going to explain the details. You can ask me directly and I will tell all, but this blog is about how, as time passes, I can at least begin to write about this dreadfulness. Bear with me. It might not make much sense at all. The journey continues as it always will, but daily I learn the power of hope, the importance of love and the cost of forgiveness.

My experience since August 2017 has had a lot of the cost of living wrapped up in its folds. The cost of living is not about giving up, because that would be to give up on life. The cost of living is found in the determination to journey through regardless, the commodity is to be alive. And the glory of God is a human being fully alive.