You put your left leg in…

Two weeks ago the deal was the only one possible, and the only other option (which was not a deal, somehow) was no deal. Now, after unseemly scurrying all over Europe we have Theresa May telling us there are assurances she still needs before any vote. Is this deal still negotiable or not?

Some say,

No deal or WTO, should of (sic) been the default option, the EU was always going to play nasty, which they have proved themselves to be, and as the PM has chosen this ridiculous path, of trying to stay so closely aligned, it’s ended up pleasing no-one, she has made a huge mess, if the EU were scared of us walking away from negotiations, things would be very different, but thanks to her insistence on listening to Remainers, we end up looking complete muppets on the world stage.

But I say,

Oh, it’s been such a trauma. Oh how my heart has struggled to cope with all those regulations that have been contrived by the populist media, all those dreadful employment practices that help people get fair wages, all that health and safety legalism that has saved lives, all that ease of travel when I wanted to go to France, all that economic alignment that has eased trade. Dreadful nightmare. How can we ever get over it? I know: lets get our country back so a thoroughly competent government can make sure we continue to thrive for the next forty years. Can’t wait. Nightmare.

What is the end of all this? Reconciliation or civil war?